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With solar and energy storage technology, ECOGOSTATION gives you complete control of your power.
Whether you are enjoying the great outdoors, living life on the road, you can enjoy anytime electricity to live in power.

How It All Started

  • Fast Charge Technology
    Fast Charge Technology
    Double mouth fast charging technology
    Supports TYPE-C+DC charging
    2.5 hours full of lightning
  • Strong performance
    Strong performance
    Ternary lithium cell, 2500 cell cycle life
    Super long endurance, 5 times more durable
  • Rich port,Charging freedom
    Rich port,Charging freedom
    Support 5 output modes, multiple devices charging at the same time
    Play outdoors, multi-scene suitable
  • Intelligent cell system
    Intelligent cell system
    Intelligent chip, all-round protection
    Multiple detection, safe and reliable