Warranty Policy

1. Warranty period for Lithium-ion products are 24 months and lead-acid battery product is 12 months since the shipping date. 

2. Ecogostation supplies the on-line service for all customers without a time limitation. Customers have to pay for the part cost while exceeding the warranty time.

3. Customers have the responsibility to read the user menu carefully and use the units in a right way to avoid any unnecessary faults.

4. During the warranty period, customer has to carry in the suspected faulty units or parts to us, all suspected faulty units or parts will be inspected by Ecogostation upon receipt.

5. For the units or parts that is verified and agreed by Ecogostation that the faulty or manufacturing defects are a result cause by non-customer error, we will replace with the brand new parts. Additionally, we will pay back the shipping charge to customer. 

6. Warranty will be null and void in any of the following events

    - Units or parts damage is caused by collision and natural disasters, such as floods, fire, etc

    - Natural battery loss, human reasons, self-disassembly, water ingress, and crash are not covered by the warranty!


 Note: When storing for a long time, the battery should be fully charged. It is recommended to take it out and charge it every 3-6 months, and keep the power between 60-80%.